The Gardener's December Calendar

A lot of the gardening responsibilities move indoors this month for gardeners in the Northeast, and it's a relatively quiet month for me, so I am forgoing the hierarchy I usually sort garden chores into.

Most of my outdoor responsibilities include keeping bird feeders full with black oil sunflower seed and suet, as well as unfrozen water. To achieve the latter, a few years ago I acquired a heated birdbath, and all I need to do is periodically change the water and clean it out a bit. (To clean, I use either a soap pad like Brillo or a damp paper towel, depending on how dirty the birdbath is.)

I periodically check on my dahlias that I keep in storage in a cold hallway in my house. (I do not have a basement or attached garage or porch to store them in.) I keep them in a cardboard box - nothing fancy.  Here's more info on how I store them.

There's still time to scatter milkweed seeds in the garden. Or you can try to start them indoors, as outlined here.

As the month closes, my focus switches to planning for next year's garden. I try to take notes of things that did and did not work in the garden this year, as well as review photos of what the garden looked like. It's also time to acquire seeds for pansies and violas, which can be started indoors next month.

What's on your to-do list this month?


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