Floral Friday: Pollinator Edition

This week the garden was full of pollinators, specifically bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The hummingbird in the above video is one of three that have been visiting my feeder and my flowers in the front garden. They seem to especially like the cigar plant and blue salvia this year. (To read more about what plants hummingbirds are attracted to, click here.)

This week the second monarch butterfly of the season arrived, dining mainly on the giant Joe pye weed along the driveway.

I was especially excited to see it, because last year I didn't have one monarch butterfly visit the garden at all! This is the second to arrive in the garden so far this year. I spotted the first one about two weeks ago.

From my Instagram account.
The last of my black swallowtail butterflies emerged from his chrysalis on Wednesday. It is likely that even if I find more caterpillars, they will not turn into butterflies until the spring. That's because autumn is quickly approaching. (If that's the case, the aquarium tank that I used to hold chrysalis will be moved to the garage for overwintering so they don't emerge too soon.)

A tiger swallowtail butterfly was also visiting the garden the same day as the monarch. Despite some worn wings, it still fluttered beautifully around the garden.

From my Instagram account.
And as usual, the bees were busy as more flowers on the Joe pye weed opened this week.

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