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The Gardener's August Calendar

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It’s time to sow fall crops! Use any empty space in the veggie garden beds to sow plants for a fall harvest. Not sure what to plant? How about
CarrotsBeets (tops can be used like chard)LettuceArugulaTurnips (get sweeter with a little frost)MustardsSpinachKaleBok ChoyChardRadishPeas
Think succession sowing for the leafy greens. For more cool-weather crops that can do double duty in the fall, check out these varieties I learned about during my visit to the Veggie Trails in California, U.S.
You can also sow a cover crop If you do not plan on sowing a fall crop of veggies, consider sowing cover crops to help condition the soil this fall and over the winter. More details here.

Use weeds to ID missing soil nutrients A few years ago, I interviewed Diane St. John about organic lawn care. She shared how weeds can help you identify what nutrients your lawn needs, but I found myself thinking about how this applies to garden beds, too.

For example, in a garden bed that i…

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