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The Gardener's April Calendar

A lot has changed since I compiled the last list of monthly garden chores, and I hope as you are reading this that you are healthy and practicing social distancing. It is all too easy to read the headlines and become overwhelmed by pandemic news. I've had some days where anxiety and fear is all consuming and makes it hard to focus on anything.

Yet, spring continues. The flowers in my area are blooming early this year, and I'm making myself focus on the plants outside, the houseplants I care for indoors, and the seeds that need starting. So I hope that you too will consider finding solace by working in your garden, or perhaps decide to grow something for the first time. Because planting a garden is about hope, and we all need to believe in tomorrow.

Stay safe.


Here is the growing list of items to work on this month:
Pruning:Paniculata hydrangeas: Take a third of the plant off to increase branches in the growing season. Make sure the cuts are uniform so th…

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