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Gardening in the pandemic

In February I was getting ready for my first (ever) solo trip out of the country. I was headed to Mexico to see where (and how) the monarch butterflies overwinter. In all the excitement leading up to this trip, I decided to postpone ordering my seeds for the growing season.

In the past I've managed to order my seeds as late as March and still have a pretty good selection to choose from. But as daily life rapidly changed in March thanks to the COVID-19 virus that was spreading quickly in our country, the seeds that I had delayed ordering were now either out of stock or would take weeks longer to ship. Seed companies were selling record numbers of seed packets, and the surge in sales was attributed to COVID-19 and a rousing fear of food insecurity in the coming months.

Online seed companies were not the only garden industry affected by COVID-19. Connecticut's independent garden centers were also trying to adjust to what the new social distancing procedures would mean for their …

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