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'Mastering' sets gardeners up for edible gardening success

Get ready to dig in and grow your best vegetables this year.

Matt Mattus' "Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening" offers growing advice for nine groups of edible plants which can be grown in your garden. The photos (some which are shown below) highlight the beauty of various edibles.

There's a lot of growing information in "Mastering," which you will find yourself absorbing quickly thanks to his conversational tone.

Mattus believes in the importance of being able to grow "quality" vegetables in the garden. This grabbed my attention right away, because he defines quality as "having the ability to choose the exact varieties we want to grow and eat, and even more importantly, having the resources, knowledge, and patience to grow them well." Mattus sets the groundwork here to introduce the various edibles he has grown — along with his tried and tested growing techniques.

I was happy to learn that his growing zone is 5b (a zone colder tha…

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