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For a pop of color, plant muscari in your garden

It's time to order spring-blooming bulbs — one of the things I like best about fall. This year I have my eye on adding more muscari to my garden collection.

This smaller size bulb is often grouped in with other "minor" bulbs, such as crocus, chiondoxa and winter aconite. These are not bulbs you should plant in ones or twos. To make a statement, you need to plant en masse.

Bright colors for spring In the past, the typical muscari (muscari armeniacum) did not catch my eye. This is the variety that will pop into your mind when someone mentions grape hyacinth. Although it is blue — and let's be honest there are not many blue-flowering options in the garden — it just never really excited me.

But in the past year, my head has been turned.

That's because there are so many color variations of muscari that make it much more interesting than the original blue variety.

Take for example the variety Muscari latifolium 'Grape Ice', which I planted for the first time l…

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