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Hanging with my tribe: Why I love to attend the Garden Bloggers Fling

Three years ago, without really knowing what I was getting into, I joined a merry band of garden bloggers.

I had attended my first Garden Bloggers Fling, an annual gathering for garden bloggers from the United States, Canada and England. For each fling, a designated group of garden bloggers (also known as the fling committee) host and welcome between 80-90 garden bloggers and industry professionals to tour the best private and public gardens their area has to offer.

Three years ago the event was held in the Capital region (Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.). Last year it was Austin, Texas. This year it was Denver, Colorado. (This was the 11th Garden Bloggers Fling.)

The Denver fling was my third. Picture an action-packed itinerary and lots of cameras. Many of the gardens that are featured on fling tours are drool-worthy. They contain wonderful plant pairings, whimsical touches, and different ways you can use plants in your garden. (For example, I learned that I definitely baby co…

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