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'Micro Food Gardening'

"McGuinness, founder of the blog Frau Zinnie, applies as much practicality as imagination to gardening in her clever, energetic debut."

― Publishers Weekly

"The projects are fun and creative, and whichever ones you choose, this book will get you started growing your own tiny garden in no time!"

― Gretchen Wagner, Seattle Book Review

Tiny plants are poised to take over the gardening world. And no category of tiny plants is as welcome and wildly embraceable as tiny edibles. Not only are they cute as a button, but they’re tasty and nutritious too! In "Micro Food Gardening", author and small-space gardening pro Jen McGuinness, introduces you to a world of miniature edible plants and dozens of DIY projects for growing them.

Published through Cool Springs Press on April 20, 2021, "Micro Food Gardening" is now available in print and as an eBook! Here's how you can purchase your own copy.*

In the U.S.
Amazon | River Bend Bookshop (Autographed copies available) | Barnes and Noble | BAM! Books a million | Indie Bound | 

In Canada:

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'Micro Food Gardening' news:

Updated 2/19/23: Jen was quoted in The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Guide 2023, where she shared her favorite small and compact varieties. 

Updated 7/5/22: Jen appears as a guest on the Sacred Airspace to talk about pollinators, her first book and her garden. More info here

12/15/21: "Micro Food Gardening" is included in the last-minute gardening gift guide on Oregon Live. 

12/10/21: Jen appears on episode 649 of the Urban Farm Podcast to talk about growing food in small spaces. Listen here.

11/18/21: Jen appears on the Garden Path Podcast to talk about "Micro Food Gardening." Listen here. 

11/16/21: "Micro Food Gardening" book review in California Bountiful (print).

8/16/21: Book review: ‘Micro Food Gardening’ has tips for growing fruits and vegetables in tiny spaces - featured in The Oregonian.

7/22/21: Micro Food Gardening book review.

7/12/21: Check out the July/August edition of Horticulture magazine - "Micro Food Gardening" is featured in Niki Jabbour's column!

5/30/21: A new 'Micro Food Gardening' inspired project to try: 'Performance' Cabbages!

4/12/21: This Thursday: Join the Virtual Author Event at River Bend Bookshop. Click here for how to join and how to order a signed copy of the book!

4/11/21: Talking tiny plants with Central Texas Gardener. Click here to find out how to watch.

March- April 2021: Jen joins Kevin Espiritu on the Epic Gardening podcast to talk about "Micro Food Gardening":

3/29/21: "Micro Food Gardening" gets mention in Publishers Weekly; eBook release set for 3/30. Click here to read more

3/3/21: Spreading the news about "Micro Food Gardening": Podcast appearance on Down the Garden Path and Q&A interview in the Bangor Daily News. Click here to listen and read.

2/15/21: "Micro Food Gardening" moved up to April release date. More info here

2/3/21: Book release moved up to March 30, 2021. 

12/12/20: The thank you gift for preordering "Micro Food Gardening" is ready! Here's how to get your copy. 

2020 has been a whirlwind for many reasons, but one of the best things to happen to me in 2020 was working on "Micro Food Gardening," my first gardening book! 

Preorder sales help book retailers decide how many books to order and have on hand, so they play an important role in the book's debut. Plus, if you preorder your copy now, you'll reserve your copy the day it is released.

'Micro Food Gardening" includes 30 DIY projects that feature edible plants that stay on the smaller side throughout their growing cycle. One of my favorite projects that I created includes the Strawberry Cake Stand, which is featured on the book's cover. It is a project that lasts the entire growing season, and can even double as a fun hostess gift. Here's how you can preorder your copy online.

Looking forward to sharing more news and sneak peeks with you soon!

9/4/20: 'Micro Food Gardening' to debut in March 2021!

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