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Product Review: Versatile CobraHead takes chore out of weeding

I really don't like to weed my garden. I am usually ambitious with the start of the spring season, but that usually slides by the time the summer humidity kicks in.

Weeding has always been a chore, one I remember doing in my father's garden with little hand forks to loosen the soil and pull up the weeds. I never knew another way to weed.

But that changed in May when I received a trial CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator to try out in my Northeast garden.

It was immediately put to work in my front and back gardens, which, surprise, were full of weeds. All sorts of weeds. Anyone who follows this blog knows I photograph the garden weekly during the growing season, but I never show you the weedy parts.

I did find weeding to be easier with the CobraHead than when I used a small hand fork. The CobraHead sliced through my soil - even compacted soil areas - with ease. I was able to get the roots out with stubborn weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions, which really is key so they won't come back.

However, my favorite use of the tool was to remove weeds between cracks in my paved areas. The tool fished out the entire plant - with roots intact as well. Soon I found myself moving around my property, looking for more areas to use my tool: in between stone squares in my patio, along the perimeter of the house where the driveway meets the foundation wall, in a crack caused by frost in the driveway. Everything came out easily without considerable effort on my behalf. Oh, and did I mention that I was no longer dreading going outside to weed?

Another bonus: I've been guilty of leaving my tools out in the garden after I've used them, mainly because I become distracted and forget to put them away. I left the CobraHead tool out during some rainstorms - and you can't even tell.

The tool's blade is referred to as a "Steel Fingernail," and there are many ways to hold it (there are sample videos to watch here). The tool is made in Wisconsin with a forged and tempered steel blade and a handle that is created from recycled polypropylene and organic fibers. The tool can be purchased through the company's website for $24.95, which includes shipping.

CobraHead LLC supplied with me the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator to trial.


  1. This is one of my favorite tools! The long handled version is a just as wonderful. I use it in my veggie gardens and to get those weeds that grow up on the backside of my shrubs. Love it.


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