Garlic is Ready

Last year I attended a workshop on how to grow garlic at the Salem Herb Farm, located in Salem, Conn. Afterwards the "class" was able to purchase garlic to try growing themselves.

This was my first year growing garlic, and I have to say, I'm definitely going to continue to do so.

At right is the variety I grew, a German Hardneck variety. In mid-July I harvested it when half the leaves had turned yellowish brown, and hung them in a bunch behind the back door. It was a somewhat darker spot in the house that had some air circulation as well. It's a rainy dark day today in Connecticut, and I can't do much outside. I cleaned the cloves today by peeling back the outer layers and snipping most of the stalks and roots off.  I'll be saving the largest cloves for planting in October, so I can do it all over again. (The smaller cloves will be used in future meals.)

Yesterday, I purchased a second variety, called Music, again from the Herb Farm. Maybe it's time to cut out a few tomatoes and make room for larger plots of garlic.


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