Let the Seeds Begin!

My pansy seeds sprouted over the weekend! This is the first variety I planted, a blue shades mix. I decided to start them earlier this year to get a head start on the blooming period.

Stratification is recommended for pansies and violas, but I get around that by placing the seed trays in a plastic bag, laying it on our laminate floor and covering the top with newspaper. The seeds need darkness to germinate, so after a week I start to check on them. Our house is built on a cement slab, so it gets pretty cold, which I think helps out the stratification requirement. I have one other variety still waiting to sprout and a bunch more I still need to plant. But I'm still ahead of where I was last year. Having grow lights is such an aid in starting seeds. Last year was a major turnaround for seed growing here!

What else is happening
What is with this crazy weather? We have 20 degree days followed by 50 degree days. The poor spring bulbs are all confused and are actually starting to poke out of the soil. I did kidnap a neighbor's discarded Christmas tree but I used it to shield other plants for the winter. I'm toying with the idea of buying more mulch to pile on top of the sprouting bulbs -- I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to jeopardize spring blooms. Oye.

The seed and plant catalogs are rolling in and the lists are starting. I've been disqualifying any company that does not specifically say they do not sell GMO seeds. (If I'm going to do  my part to help the environment, I don't need to sabotage myself.) Never mind the daydreaming. Perhaps I should grow a magnolia tree by the back fence? Maybe instead of raspberry bushes I should plant evergreen bushes along my neighbor's ugly fence? It's going to be a long winter with so many choices to make.


  1. Good on you, no GMO seeds, nice post! Would agree about the weather, sooo weird. Except for Wshington State, you know...drizzle, but spring's areound the corner!


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