Doesn't feel like Winter!

We're having a wave of unseasonably warm weather. I have a few snowdrops peeking out of the lawn already (just a few- I wonder if where I planted them, it was too wet last season for them). And some of my roses are getting new growth. It feels like spring, with yesterday's high temperature somewhere in the 60s, on Feb. 1! I hope we don't pay for this with a major blizzard later in the month.

I haven't been as good as starting more seeds this past month as I had hoped, but maybe it's good I slowed down. I'm bound to run out of room faster that way. But I 'm hoping that the pansies will be big enough to move into the cold frame for all of March, so they can be blooming by April.
Taken yesterday, these are the pansy seeds I sowed on Dec. 27, 2011. I forgot what slow growers they are! This is after about a month of hard work!


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