Vegetable Garden Update

It's been a wacky spring. Finally, now that it is May, the peas are finally looking normal (and growing taller), but the spinach hasn't really grown at all (do we count a 1/2 inch tall?) and the swiss chard and radish seeds I planted in early April are practically non-existent. Was the mistake direct-sowing outdoors?  (I'm frustrated that the easiest crops are not working for me.)

Here's the newest grow bed along the driveway with beets, carrots and lots of different types of lettuce sprouting.

Mowed down! Oh no!
The broccoli seedlings I started seem to look more robust today (as if they came from a nursery instead of my kitchen) but imagine my surprise when three of the plants were nibbled in half and left to die. I don't believe we have rabbits... is it that woodchuck causing problems? Luckily there are still plenty of plants left to grow.

I feel as if last spring I was further along at this point, even though it was colder and definitely snowier than this past winter. What gives?


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