A Year Without Tomatoes?

I'm pretty sad - all the tomato seedlings I started in mid-March have taken a turn for the worse. The first batch ended up dropping most of it's leaves and looking sad, so they were moved out to the cold frame (they're not looking good). Then another batch, the Rosso Sicilians and the New Yorkers (both determinate) are now starting to get yellow leaves or curled leaves, and the newest addition to the party, the Isis Candy, is starting to drop lower leaves.

It seems that every year I am a gardener, the harder it is for me to grow tomatoes. What boggles my mind is that these were not even set out when they started having problems. I am (99%) sure I used new or disinfected seed trays when I initially sowed them.

I'm putting them outside tomorrow in the heat, on the off chance that the central air is affecting them (it's set to 71 in the house). My resident plant guru from the local nursery suggested I take a few of them, replant them in bigger pots, and then spray them with a copper sulphate fungicide and to cross my fingers. But I think I'm getting used to the idea of having to discard them and purchase seedlings from a greenhouse.

What a bummer. I feel like I failed Tomato 101. It's also times like these that I wonder why the hell I even bother with vegetables. Why can't I be content with just a pretty flower garden?

New Yorker tomatoes... see the beginning of yellow leaves?

This is the Rosso Sicilian that got my attention with the curling leaves.


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