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How to grow violas and pansies from seed

Are you getting the seed starting itch?

Good news! It's the perfect time to start pansies and violas from seed. 

In the past I have blogged about how easy it is to grow these edible flowers, and that post always makes its way into the top searched for topics in the blog at this time of year.  

To expand on that topic, I put together a short video that explains how to sow them and where to place them in your home for optimal germination. 


Are you growing these plants from seed? Which varieties are you going to try?

Updated Jan. 5, 2024. Originally posted on Jan. 29, 2021.


  1. I'll need to try growing violas your way. I direct sowed in a container outdoors one year and they never germinated. I love violas as host plants to variegated fritillary caterpillars.

    1. Let me know how it goes! I think they really benefit from the combination of darkness and cold feet.


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