Musical Plants

I'm pretty guilty of moving my plants multiple times in the garden before I finally find a spot that I'm happy with. I learned the hard way that baptista do not transplant well (after digging out a large one that I originally planted in front of an Endless Summer hydrangea, it turned black and died).

"Wolf Eyes" in its new spot.
After some lower dying branches were trimmed.

Here's a better view of the leaf damage.
I have higher hopes for my Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood. I bought it last year after reading about it in Fine Gardening magazine.

This year it didn't have much new growth, and I found vole holes nearby. Yesterday I decided to move it to a shadier spot (after reading a bit more online that they prefer more shade than sun) and hopefully away from the voles. It didn't appear to have as many roots as a young tree should have and some of the leaves were brown, but I'm hoping it survives the transplant. I'd hate to lose it. (Hopefully the leaves are brown from the heat and the sun exposure, not the vole damage.)

Next on the musical plants list? The grape vine and the bee balm. Oh and definitely some irises.


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