First Frost

Last night the temperature dipped to 28 degrees. Not surprisingly, many of the plants took their final bow with it.

Over the weekend I had managed to finish my cold frame project, which included digging roughly 6-7 inches of earth out and putting the cold frame inside. I then filled the cold frame with compost from the pile (soil that was three years in the making!) and topped it off with Coast of Maine compost. I then transplanted my lettuce seedlings and dandelions (grown in pots with eggplant this past summer) inside and closed the lid. With towels to help keep the heat in, the lowest temperature reading was 35 degrees this morning. Not bad. We'll see if this works throughout the winter. I may add a frost blanket inside if we truly are getting snow this Wednesday.

I did manage to get out of work early enough to plant the witch hazel and one of my hydrangeas, along with a handful of daffodils scattered throughout the yard. I also used crushed oyster shells with the new transplants to see if that helps ward off future vole attacks. I have plenty of more daffodils to still plant, with this year's bulbs coming from Colorblends. They look nice and hearty- I hope they do well.

I really hate this time of year when everything is dying, but there is some relief to knowing this not so great growing season is officially over. Just as long as it manages to stay warm enough for me to get the rest of the plants and bulbs in the ground.


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