It's happening faster now

This past week I traveled to Florida for a quick escape of every day life. When I came back late last night, I could tell there was a big difference in the garden already just by the illumination of the car's headlights.

There were daffodils in bloom- all over the place. But sadly, the only daffodils that didn't make it were all the tete-a-tete daffodils I planted in the blue pots out front. They were not protected from the winter snow and ice, and I think the freezing and thawing rotted the bulbs inside. (An expensive lesson.)

But even with that disappointment, every spring seems to be more special than the one before. Maybe it seems sweeter this year because of the amount of snow we received the past few months (as opposed to last year when spring was almost too early in its arrival). Or maybe it's just the welcome shot of color, the longer days of sunlight, or the chill coming out of the air.

Cold frame lettuce and Italian dandelion, ready for picking!

Pansies and violas grown from seed.


Glory of the snow.

White forsythia.

Daffodils by the road.

I'm hoping to spend more time out in the garden this year than last. We only get so many springs in a lifetime- I'd hate to think they were missed.


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