Mrs. Robin has returned

Last year, I discovered a robin's nest in the honeysuckle out front (original post here). Tonight I was out front by the trellises trying to train the clematis and honeysuckle to go where I wanted, and I discovered this nest. It was perched a little higher then I could see, so I took my iPhone and took a photo (blindly). When I took a look at what I shot, I was pleasantly surprised! I've been waiting for her to return all night, but didn't see her come back while I was outside. (I did, however, hear them in the distance.)

I tried to find more information online and read that she will often leave the nest to feed herself. Sometimes the males will bring her food, too, but usually when she is incubating the eggs. It's also possible that she has one more egg to lay. Apparently robins lay as many as four eggs but only one a day. She won't start incubating until all her eggs are laid. (More information can be found here.)

I'd love to break out my "real" camera to photograph the nest, but I also don't want to disturb her. Plus, I'd definitely need a ladder in order to get the height I need!

Guess I better put off powerwashing the house!


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