I had a fight with the lawn

Sometime iPhone cameras work in a pinch. Like today, when I declared war on the (remainder) of my front lawn.
Maybe it was the lawn mower that sealed the lawn's fate. It's been chugging along all summer, and the last time I tried to fire it up last week, it wheezed, it cried, and then no longer would start.*

Or it could have been that stone path I was daydreaming about since last summer that would meander across the front garden like a lovely stream.

Or maybe I just really hate the lawn (or weedy lawn) that much.

Ultimately, I drove to my local garden center today with the intent of buying mulch. Lots of it. I grabbed the leftover cardboard that I've been accumulating along the side of the garage. There was even some garden fabric left in the shed that I brought out front as well.

And then, the lawn was smothered. The photo above shows the result of four (4) three cubic foot bags of cedar mulch.

I need to purchase a few more bags to connect this path to the driveway, but boy, did I feel better after!

*Luckily our aunt lives across the street and I was able to use her fancy self-propelled mower to cut the lawn.


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