Time to move the strawberries

A sampling of the strawberry plants I kept.

A couple of days ago I dug up the (overrun) strawberry bed and thinned out the plants. I kept a combination of 28 new runners and established crowns. I felt really bad about putting the older, extra plants in the compost pile, but there's only so much room and friends I can give them to!

I really like growing my own strawberries, especially since the ones you find at the grocery store are usually sprayed with pesticides. The birds and squirrels really like that I grow strawberries too, which is partially why I am moving them.

The variety I grow is called Cabot, which I purchased through Johnny's a few years back. The yield is usually high, but I think the spot they were in has grown shadier as the years have past. I also just let them do their thing, instead of keeping them in manageable rows, which is why they started to take over with multiple runners.

My only complaint with this variety is that the fruit tastes a little watered-down. I'm not sure if this is due to a lack of sunlight the plants received. I'm planning on moving them to a sunnier location on the other side of my front garden, so hopefully this will solve the problem! If not, time to buy a new variety!


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