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Yes, I Admit It: I'm That Girl

I have a confession to make.

When I drive past abandoned Christmas trees on the road in January, I get an urge to take them.

To pull over, put them in the trunk of my car, and then bring them home to my driveway to chop them up.

So yes, I was that girl today, on my street no less, who pulled over, and literally shoved a 5 foot plus Christmas tree into the trunk of my small SUV.

There were onlookers. I smiled and said I had garlic to cover. I then leaned against the door and pushed it closed with all of my body weight. (Normal people do this with suitcases when traveling.) The lady outside watching me went back inside and closed her door.

Once home, I started to chop off the branches and used them to cover my open garden beds, rose bushes, evergreens, etc.

Abandoned and ready for the garden.

My hands were numb and it was 10 degrees Farenheit out. I left the remainder of the tree trunk on the side of the road (in front of my house) for pickup. And now my car smells like Christmas due to all the fallen needles.

Christmas tree branches covering the garlic bed.

I put a few branches around this rose bush that was planted late.


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