Floral Friday

I missed last week's Floral Friday because I was working so many hours at my job. The days leading up to a holiday are always hectic at the bakery, and I realized on Monday I missed my posting.

But this week has so much more to offer in the garden anyway. All that work planting bulbs in November paid off, with the daffodils peaking this week. I also have my first tulip in that planting blooming as well.

In addition, one of the plum trees has started to bloom. It seems a bit early this year, and it's partner, the Shiro plum, doesn't have many buds that are even open yet. It will be interesting to see how this pollinates this year, since my honey bee lures from Peaceful Valley are taking their sweet time to get here.

There are pretty yellow flowers everywhere, too. This split daffodil from out front is one example, as is the little primrose from the back garden.

What is blooming in your garden today?


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