Floral Friday

It's fitting that this week's Floral Friday has a red, white and blue theme - just in time for Independence Day! Below are some of the flowers that are blooming this week in the garden, along with some fruit joining in on the fun.

Various shasta daisies, red daylilies and blue delphiniums
complement each other nicely in this bouquet from the garden.
Delphiniums are one of the true blue flowers that can be found in gardens.
Delphinium after the rain.

Double Scoop Raspberry Coneflower has a reddish tint to its petals.
Earlybird Cardinal Daylily

Unknown daylily
Broadway Lights Shasta Daisy

Blueberries for picking.

Black raspberries that look like fireworks (filters with Instagram).
What's blooming - or ready for picking - in your garden today?


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