Floral Friday: As May Ends, the Irises Bloom

This week was a little more difficult to document than previous weeks due to less plants blooming in the garden. The great thing about Floral Friday updates is that you can see where the "holes" appear in the garden's bloom cycle. (This year is thrown off by the weather slightly, so I'm not sure if these are truly accurate bloom times or not, but are at least a jumping off point.)

Normally my poppies are getting ready to bloom, but not this year. When I went to investigate, I found out why: an animal (probably the neighborhood groundhog) has been eating the leaves clear off. I am going to be applying the Repellex systematic to see if that helps curb his appetite, but for now I think I've lost this year's blooms.

Poppy damage.

But here's what is blooming (and not being eaten) in the garden:

Fogbound Iris

Black Barlow columbine

Holy garlic! This is going to be a great year!


So many annuals to plant. I splurged a bit at the store.


Shiro plums forming on the tree.

What's blooming in your garden this week?


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