Hailstorm Victims

Last night a strong thunderstorm rolled through our neighborhood, accompanied by lots of lightning, heavy rain ... and hail.

Earlier in the day it rained for the first time in almost three weeks. The rain was much needed, with some of my flower beds having dried out so much that the dirt was dusty when I tried to weed. 

It seems cruel that the first major storm of the spring growing season would assault the plants as well. 

The hostas were the worst-hit, with many shredded leaves. (Bad timing for a hosta concrete birdbath and stepping stones project I was hoping to do this weekend.)

Annual flowers I had grown from seed that were spending some of their first few nights outdoors unprotected on the patio were also struck down. I'm not sure how many will bounce back. Trays of plants were flooded, with snapdragons released from their newspaper pots and swimming instead. 

As a gardener, it's important to keep an eye on the weather, a unfortunate reminder this morning when I realized I had not done that. While I couldn't have prevented most of the damage, I could have moved many potted plants indoors. 

Annual chrysanthemums were no match for the hail.

Sum and Substance hosta.

The worst victim of all: This hosta that's been in the family since 1996.

Rosa rugosa just sent out new shoots after it's spring pruning. (Sigh.)
Luckily, the new greenhouse remained intact and in the ground. It is anchored with many bricks and anchors inside. The trash cans I store bird food in are used as a support on one side, as well. At least inside the greenhouse, the imagery was nicer.

Tomatoes protected inside the greenhouse.

More tomatoes protected inside the greenhouse.

Dahlias waiting to be transferred outside.
How has weather wrecked havoc on your garden?

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  1. Jen ~ Thank you for sharing your garden in it's very real state. We've all been there when the storm hits! Ugh! So glad you have green house reserves...can't wait to see how you rebound and get the garden growing again. I know you will!


  2. Oh Jen so sorry about the damage this storm caused :( At least your green house kept your tomatoes protected. Please keep me updated, crossing my fingers most plants can make a full and speedy recovery!

  3. How devastating. I hate when I have slug holes in my hostas, so I'm sure you are upset. Hopefully all your damaged plants recover in record time!


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