Floral Friday: In Remembrance

Domino recently crossed to
the Rainbow Bridge.
This Floral Friday (May 8) is late being posted because we lost one of our beloved house rabbits to the Rainbow Bridge on May 3. Domino was unlike other rabbits, with a "larger than life" personality. He craved attention, was happy to greet us when we returned home, and later in life enjoyed sitting outside on the back patio in the sun. (We estimate that he was 11 years old; he had come to live with us after we adopted him in 2010.)

This week was a very reflective time in photographing for me, and I found that I was especially drawn to the bleeding hearts in bloom, the tulips with raindrops and the rabbit statuary in the garden. The symbolism in the photography - to me - is obvious.

This post is dedicated to anyone who's ever experienced the loss and grief that follows after losing a pet.

A yellow tulip blooms in front of the St. Francis statue in the garden.


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