Floral Friday: Beautiful Perennials From Seed

Some of the perennials that I started from seed last year are really stepping up their game. The delphiniums and foxgloves are just stunning, and the best part is that it's really easy to grow these beautiful perennials from seed. I started mine early in the growing season and the first year they did not flower. They were busy establishing leaves and roots. I planted them by the fall and they looked very tiny and not too special.

But this year, bellissimo

This is an affordable way to add perennials to your garden. All you need is a little bit of patience.

Delphiniums blooming in their second year.

A rose after the rain.

'Pretty Much Picasso' Petunia

A little mushroom growing along the garden path.
It's so tiny that you could miss it!

Knock Out yellow roses.

The beginning of the garlic scapes!

A strawberry foxglove from seed.
But just when you let your guard down ... an adorable band of visitors made their path of destruction through the back garden.

"I'll just take a little off the top here ... delish."
Lucky for me, after a few mornings of mayhem, the four babies and the mother moved along. Perhaps they were frightened off by my constant pacing about the shed trying to decide what to do about them.
Of course the baby doesn't eat the weeds.
It's hard to get mad at such an adorable face. But better not to test my patience - lucky for him that he moved along!

My friends on Twitter are busy sharing what is growing in their gardens as well. Check out the #GrowNow2015 hashtag on Twitter and to check out Angie's garden - this week's feature on Beth's blog

What's growing in your garden this week?


  1. Yikes, I also had Mama Woodchuck and four babies last year. This year there are two new neighbors with a total of four dogs barking all the time. I don't see much of them now, and I've actually gotten blooms on all my rose campion, which are usually chomped upon by said woodchucks.


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