Floral Friday: A Rainbow of Color

The garden is beginning to look like a painter's palette this week, and I couldn't be happier. I believe every color of the rainbow is represented. I feel that vibrant color is one of the most important qualities of not just a good photograph, but a garden as well.

This week I won't be introducing the plants by their garden location, but instead as a progression of color. Enjoy the show!

The first of the dahlias to bloom this usm

Every time I see this daylily I just can't help but smile! 

"Raspberry Wine" monarda with a bumblebee.

I am so delighted with J. Berry's Patio Party Hibiscus. This is "Party Crasher."
To see more of their line, click here. I'll be writing more about this series later this summer.

Shiro plums are green now but will be yellow when they ripen!

"Rooguchi" clematis has weaved itself into the honeysuckle.

What's growing in your garden this week? To see what's growing for this week's #GrowNow2015 tour, be sure to visit More Than Oregano's site where Bren Haas is featured! She has some beautiful flowers to share!

To view last week's garden tour, click here.


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