Floral Friday: Mid-Month Blooms

The long days of summer are already starting to shorten, and I try not to focus on how the sun sets before 8 p.m. now. After a busy July with graduate school work, the weeds multiplied in the garden. Now I try to keep up with deadheading flowers and plucking weeds as the month marches along. (How is tomorrow Aug. 15 already?) I keep trying to tackle a little every day, with the goal of it being reigned back into shape by the end of the month.

But, here is what is blooming now:

Even though this dahlia is missing petals, I still like how it is framed by the light.

The perennial hibiscus are starting to bloom.

Goldie tomatoes that are just about ripe.

The anemones play well with black eye Susans.

While daylilies ruled the July garden, phlox rules the August garden.

This petunia is holding up very well - I'll have to try and save the seed.

A beautiful combination forming with petunias and sedum.

The pears are causing the branches to bend on the pear trees. I love this photo because
it is reminiscent of how my grandfather's garden used to look when his Bartlett pears
grew too heavy for his tree. Besides that stake, I have bungee cords holding branches up.

Sown late but still pretty: borage.

The zinnias are finally starting to bloom.

Another perennial hibiscus in the front garden.

Joe pye weed attracts all sorts of bees to its tall flowers.
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