Floral Friday: Bring on the Rain and Cooler Temperatures!

It seemed like forever since the last major rainfall in our area. We were even experiencing a moderate drought in Central Connecticut. And then - the rain came this week and you could hear the plants sigh with relief.

Pear tree catastrophe!
The pear tree unexpectedly snapped a heavy fruit-bearing branch this week, which sent me into triage mode. The tree was previously supported with one stake and bungee cords, but apparently it needed more. I was able to balance the heavy branch on an empty, unused garbage can (it's suppose to turn into a rain barrel eventually) and then I duct taped the branch back together. I realize that I may lose the entire branch, but I am hoping to at least harvest the fruit before I have to make that decision. So far, so good: the leaves on the broken branch have not wilted or turned brown yet.

Other pears look OK!

Throughout the front garden is a sprinkling of color:

Asters are beginning to bloom in the garden.

More asters brought home for containers.

Ornamental cabbage for containers (from my Instagram account).

The Patio Party Hibiscus - First to Arrive - is still blooming like crazy. (To read a review on this line of plants, click here.)

This bush clover (lespedeza)  is really brightening up the border between my
property and my neighbor's driveway. It grew so much since last year! 

Matching the color is the massive border of anemones, which attract bees
and butterflies to the garden. 
And in the back garden:

The morning glories are blooming along the shed.

The last of the tomatoes are starting to filter in.

This Rose of Sharon was a stowaway from another plant I had purchased two years ago.
I transplanted it from the original site and it seems pretty happy along the fence in the back.
What is growing in your garden this week? To view the last Floral Friday, click here.


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