DIY: Teacup succulents

Last summer I thought violas and pansies would look adorable in teacups for Mother's Day. And they did look cute, until they grew a little too leggy for the container. That's when succulents sounded like a better idea. Here's how I quickly made teacup succulent planters - and you can, too!

First, apply crazy glue to the bottom of your teacup and where it will touch the saucer. I bought my teacups at a second hand store and didn't spend more than $5 on the cup and saucer combined.

Allow the glue on the teacup and saucer to dry. This took about 20 minutes for me, but you can leave it longer if you'd like.

Add a layer of rocks to the bottom of your teacup.

I used Espoma's organic cactus mix with my plants. Depending on the size of the plants and the teacups, I used between two to three plants for each.

I finished each teacup differently. The one above featured tiny rocks and shells I found on the beach this past summer. Another teacup contained fun fairy garden flamingos, which I photographed for my Project 366. The options are limitless, and each teacup fits nicely on a table without taking up too much space! (Make sure to place it in enough sunlight!)

To clean the dirt off the saucer when you are finished, place the teacup and saucer under a very slow trickle of water from the sink, letting the water wash off the extra soil on the saucer and giving the plant a little water to get settled in. I then used a paper towel to dry it off.

These make great gifts, or just a fun pick me up for yourself!


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