Floral Friday

Welcome back to the growing season in my garden! Spring is arriving earlier this year than last year. Even though my area (Zone 6b in Central Connecticut) is still experiencing temperature fluctuations, we have already had close to 70 degree days which has made several of the daffodils rush to bloom - I do not think there has been a time where I have had so many bloom at once! Every year I add more daffodils to my gardens, except last year when I focused on different bulbs. Many of the crocus and scilla siberica showcased below were planted in November, and are starting to bloom now. (You can read more about what I chose to grow here.) 

Come join me on a tour of my back and front gardens:

I added this spice bush a year and a half ago. In the fall it gets bright red berries
that the birds enjoy eating. It is also the host plant for the Spicebush Caterpillar,
which I hope will find my plants this year!

These Tete a Tete daffodils are planted in mass in my front garden.

Pansies purchased from my local garden center.

Violas purchased from my local garden center.

More violas purchased from my garden center.

I collect rabbit statues in the garden, which complement the plants I grow.
Shown here is 'Red Lady' hellebore.

The 'Spring Beauty' scilla siberica is starting to bloom. It is growing among columbine leaves.

This is the hellebore that started my collection several years ago.

Another hellebore blossom (and another rabbit statue). 

The robin takes a quick bath in the front garden among the daffodils.

I planted more crocus this year for the front garden.

Right now this is the only hellebore in the front garden. It tolerates the extra sun
fairly well during the summertime.

Here is the same hellebore as shown above (with another rabbit statue).

Loving this 'Ruby Giant' version of crocus.

This 'Gold Shoulder' collection of daffodils from Colorblends was a great investment!

Another shot of 'Gold Shoulder' brightening up a corner of my garden.

These flowers added a pop of color that I'm sure my neighbor enjoys as well!
What is growing now in your garden? Thanks for visiting!


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