Floral Friday

The flowers are continuing to bloom steadily through June in my garden and I'm wishing that I had more of them, so the color impact would be larger! Take for example this blue delphinium below. I have more delphinium plants that I am coaxing along and I would love to see what it would look like in mass!

This year my hanging baskets and pots are just looking fabulous, and the difference I really believe is due partly to the Proven Winners annuals I am trialling. You'll see below - they look amazing. I've honestly never grown Superbells calibrachoas before this summer, and now I think I'm hooked. The pop of color is just what my garden needs when the perennials are taking a break from blooming.

There are also some new plants introduced to my garden this week, after a visit to one of my local garden centers, Natureworks. The hydrangea, cardinal flower and clematis are all from that one trip. What was super exciting is that the store has an app where each visit gives you credit for a check-in. After so many check-ins, there are rewards, and after some time, I had reached the coveted 25 check-in reward! So the hydrangea shown below was able to come home with me for free! Woot woot! 

But let's see what's blooming this week:

The delphinium I grew from seed two years ago is blooming now.
Check out this beautiful Superbells "Hollywood Star" calibrachoa blooming
in my front garden. I really love the purple color. It will be available for retail sale in 2017.

These Supertunia "Vista Fuchsia" petunias are filling in my pots nicely and blooming nonstop. I haven't had to deadhead it,
either. This is another variety that will be available for retail in spring 2017.
Here is my blue salvia that is a real hummingbird magnet!
It pairs nicely with the Supertunia "Vista Fuchsia," too.

Here is Superbells "Tropical Sunrise" in another hanging basket. This
version doesn't have the stripes that the other two sample plants I received do.

Here is my new hydrangea - "Wedding Gown - Dancing Snow."
This one does best in shady areas. I can't wait to get it in the ground this coming week!

I couldn't pass up this cardinal flower in hot pink, either. I'm loving the color.
(I'm still searching for the perfect spot as well.)

This new clematis I bought was a little pricey but I just fell in love with the blooms. They open like this ...

... and then finish like this. It's called "Franziska Maria."

I've read so many good things about comfrey for the garden that last year I bought two small plants. They are growing well.

This snapdragon reseeded itself from last year's batch. I love when that happens!

I planted my zinnia seeds late, so I cheated and bought some already blooming,

This is the last of my peonies in bloom, "Sarah Bernhardt." I need more of this
variety in my front garden. The flowers are stunning and last long in a vase inside.
Feverfew - my enthusiastic self-sower. I didn't deadhead last year and now its
everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

What is blooming in your garden this week?

To see last week's blooms, click here.


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