Floral Friday: Nov. 11

I've been able to extend the season of bloom in my fall garden, even with the occasional morning frosts. This is the first year that it's been so late in the fall and I've had so many different things blooming (or showing off). 

Ornamental grass with the colorful leaves of the pear tree behind it. 

I love this combo of nasturtium and blue pots.

'Purple Haze' mum putting on its final show.

These two are in my driveway.

This is Leonotis leonurus, an annual in my zone but blooms in fall. 
One of my newer mums - not yet planted. 

'Global Warming mum - Purple Mist.' This is a huge plant!

'Global Warming mum - October Moon' This plant takes up a big spot in my front border for it's
late season fall show. 

The neighbor's Japanese maple leaves after the rain.

This Proven Winner calibrachoa 'Tropical Sunrise' is still blooming, despite the cold nights and some frost.

This Proven Winner Supertunia 'Vista Fuschia' is still blooming like crazy. (What frost?)

Neighbor's tree, a.k.a one of the main sources of my leaves.

Frost on the Joe pye weed seeds heads.

A daring rose still blooming, despite the frost. 

The Hollywood Hibiscus have been brought in for the winter, and are temporarily set up in the kitchen.

What's blooming in your garden (or home) this week?


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