Floral Friday: March 10

After a seasonably warm week, we are yet again plunged into frigid temperatures in Connecticut. Yesterday brought some snow, which covered most of the the hellebores, crocuses and snowdrops in the garden, and apparently we are due for a major snowstorm this coming week. (I'm debating cutting some hellebore flowers and bringing them inside, even though they usually hold up under the snow.) In the meantime, here's a glance at what is blooming outside - and inside - this past week.

This is the first year that this hellebore ('Sunshine Selections') has bloomed.

Another hellebore emerging and getting ready to bloom.

A different hellebore getting ready to bloom. I have them surrounding my patio so
I can get a better view of them during the winter time.

The snowdrops are standing up quite well to the cold weather and the snow.

This little snowdrop is so determined to bloom.

One of my favorite photos of the snowdrops out back.

Crocuses hidden under the snow.

The white forsythia is getting ready to bloom. I may cut these branches and bring them inside before we
get more snow this week.

As I was outside taking photos, the sky looked very ominous. 

Earlier this week a flock of cedar waxwings stopped in the garden to visit
the birdbath. I had the wrong lens on for the camera and was trying to shoot
through the glass, but this photo didn't come out too badly.

A new orchid. 

I've nicknamed this orchid my mom's orchid because I bought it after she died (about 10 years ago) and it always
blooms around her birthday.

Here's another shot of it, being backlit by the front window. It loves the west-facing window.

My verbascum seedlings are doing really well! I'll have to transplant them soon!

What is blooming in your garden - indoor or outdoor - this week?


  1. What a nice remembrance of your mom. I love orchids but don't have much luck with them. In fact houseplants generally don't like me much:). I do have some rebloom on the Christmas cactus though.

    The ground here is still mostly frozen. I did go out tonight and check the Hellebores though. To my surprise, there are buds. Small, and barely emerging but they're there. I never cut back the old foliage so they should weather the storm tomorrow. Stay warm!

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, I hold off on cutting back the old foliage, too. And my lackluster efforts of raking leaves this year has also come in handy! :)

  2. Stunning photographs as always xx Here in the UK we are experiencing every type of weather in the same day...that's fairly normal for us at this time of year :) It has been terribly dry all winter/spring though, we are desperate for some really good rain.
    Pumpkin Becki xx


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