Floral Friday: June 16

This week, various annuals and perennials are brightening up the garden. Here are some highlights.

This Dragon's Tongue is paired with bronze fennel in a gray mosaic pot.

The Proven Winners' 'Supertunia Lovie Dovie'*  is happy in its hanging basket, where it will grow to 12 inches high.

The 'Night Sky' petunia is a variety that showed up in garden centers last spring but sold out quickly. This year I was able to buy some for my garden. 

The 'Endless Summer' hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

Also in the front garden, the roses are blooming underneath the Shiro plum tree.

Feverfew, an herb, is blooming throughout the front garden (mostly where it reseeded itself). I have not used this flower for teas, but I like how it looks in the garden.

This is a good year for rose campion, with it's magenta blooms and silver foliage.

As for edibles, the Shiro plum tree is fighting off the gypsy moth caterpillars naturally and producing fruit.

The two tomato plants from Burpee* are growing quickly in the hot weather we've been having, while the garlic is beginning to form scapes (it's time to cut those off!) and the elderberry is flowering. Below left is the paste tomato 'Gladiator' and below right is the beefsteak tomato 'Oh Happy Day,' both from Burpee.

Also in the back garden, beneath the elderberry tree, are foxgloves, that look like the perfect hiding spot for fairies.

What's blooming in your garden this week?

*Proven Winners and Burpee have both supplied me with sample plants to grow in my garden this year.


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