Floral Friday: Sept. 8

I am thrilled that the new rose I purchased this year, 'Easy Does It,' is reblooming in the front garden. I love how there is such a variety of pinks and orange hues in its petals. 

Out of the many plants I've grown in the garden this summer, I am most proud of the creation below. This large container planting was inspired by my trip in June at the Garden Bloggers Fling, where so many gardens showcased beautiful plant combinations. (My friend Beth from More than Oregano shared her favorite container combos from the fling here.) This is the first time I've paired perennials with annuals, and the first time that I placed such an extravagant container in the back garden, were most people do not see it. But I see it whenever I look out the kitchen window, and as it has grown all summer it has made me very happy. (Plus, two of those giant coleus plants I grew from seed!) 

In the back garden, the spicebush is beginning to produce berries, which is attracting cardinals like crazy.

The sedums are beginning to bloom. It wasn't until I was getting this image ready for the blog that I realized the details of each of the miniature flowers that makes up a sedum blossom.

As for edibles, I purchased small swiss chard seedlings and planted them in my Eco Garden for fall. I have not grown swiss chard before, so I'm hoping for success!

The nasturtium is still blooming in the Eco Garden as well. I was admiring the view from behind the flower and loved how the petals and leaves were lit by the setting sun.

Over in the front garden, I'm trying out reflective tape and fake owls to keep squirrels out of the trees. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

There are more perennial rubeckia blooming as well.

And the white rose of sharon continues to bloom out front with that wonderful pairing of ornamental grass.

Also blooming in the front garden are anemones, and this anemone makes me think it's ready for a hug.

A previous Hollywood Hibiscus that I overwintered indoors is still blooming in its container. 

And on the patio, I have asters waiting to be planted. The bees have found them though.

What's blooming in your garden this week? To see what was blooming last week in my garden, click here


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