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'The Beautiful Monarch' aims to educate, successfully raise monarch butterflies

It’s more complicated to raise a healthy monarch than one might first think. To help with that learning curve, Holli Webb Hearn, creator of the Facebook group The Beautiful Monarch, created a platform for new and experienced monarch fans to interact.

The group, which has increased to more than 16,000 members in three years, is a reputable resource for raising healthy monarch butterflies. Hearn has compiled information on breeding and raising monarch butterflies, and “anything in between.”

Through an internet search, “you could find basic information, but you can’t find out what to do if your chrysalis falls or if your molting caterpillar gets stuck halfway in the molt and what you can do to save it. It’s also hard to find information on all of the toxins in your own home that can kill your monarchs.”

Hearn regularly participates in posts to help people with their monarch butterfly questions. And she’s not alone. “The group is full of knowledgeable members who are willing to help each other,” she said. Popular topics include where and what to keep monarchs in while being raised; types of native milkweeds; tagging; and migration. Members regularly share photos to help diagnose problems, celebrate success, or just revel in the beauty of the beloved insect.

Monarch “season” is now at its peak in North America, but even in the off season, there’s monarch chatter.

“During our winter, New Zealand and Australia have monarchs, so we get to enjoy their season in the group also.”

To learn more about The Beautiful Monarch Facebook Group, click here

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