Floral Friday: Jan. 26

Prior to last year, my only knowledge of growing amaryllises was as a bystander. As a child, my mother grew amaryllises (only reddish orange ones) and I remember the trouble she went to in order to get them to bloom again. I never really gave them much more of a glance.

Last year was the first time I tried growing amaryllis bulbs over the winter. I was persuaded to give this bulb a chance by my gardening friend Julie of Garden Delights. (She adores these flowers.) So I purchased a bulb named 'Red Lion' and when it finally bloomed, I couldn't believe how deep the red coloring was (photos really didn't do it justice).

This fall I decided to experiment with some more. I focused on striped, white and double varieties. Last week this beauty was in bud (see here). Now, 'Dancing Queen' has stolen my heart and given me a new appreciation for amaryllises.

Her main flower opened slowly last weekend, and the other three buds gradually opened throughout the week. Now all four flowers are in bloom, and a second flower shoot is growing steadily. I bought the bulb in the fall at a local garden center and potted her up in regular potting soil in a terra cotta pot. I wanted to make sure the pot was heavy to begin with, since sometimes these flowers can become top-heavy and can topple over.

And if 'Dancing Queen' became injured, that would definitely be a crime.

My other three amaryllis varieties are in the process of growing. I can't wait to see what they look like when they bloom!

Are you growing amaryllises this season?


  1. This is truly beautiful!! You have taken some awesome photos of this flower. Thank you for sharing. I love the details within it.


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