Floral Friday: March 23

This moth orchid began blooming this week!
We were supposed to get our fourth nor'easter the other day, but luckily the storm stayed south of us and now the snow that was leftover from the last storm is beginning to melt.  Inside, the orchids and the Hollywood Hibiscus I am overwintering are blooming, which helps brighten the living room and kitchen!

Outside, the snowdrops and crocuses are blooming, and I can see the first of the daffodils appearing through the ground.

As for seed-starting, I am slightly behind, but the violas I started in February are getting larger.
Hollywood Hibiscus 'Chatty Cathy' knows it is springtime!

She has been blooming non-stop all week!

Hollywood Hibiscus 'First to Flirt' is blooming in my kitchen!

My new lady slipper orchid that I bought at the NYBG Orchid Show.

Another orchid I bought at the NYBG Orchid Show.

The snow is receding and the snowdrops and crocuses are reappearing.

Viola seeds getting larger. 
What's blooming and growing in your garden (and home) this week?

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