Floral Friday: March 9

A finch on my neighbor's fence as the snow began to fall on Wednesday.

The crocuses looked so lovely last Sunday.
Spring was rushing in to Connecticut with crocuses and snowdrops appearing in both the back and front gardens ... until Wednesday. That afternoon, heavy snow began to accumulate, completely covering my snowdrops and crocuses. The storm also caused unusual bending of trees and shrubs into Cirque du Soleil-inspired positions. Luckily I was able to shake the excess snow off my Green Giant arborvitaes before they broke, but it looks like some rhododendrons and roses have definitely taken a beating. And that's just from what I can see above the snow.

But overall, we were lucky, because the storm literally broke other trees in half due to the heavy snow. Most of my town lost power, but we were extremely lucky and did not.

As the snow began to accumulate late Wednesday afternoon, I went outside to try and capture images of the snowdrops before they were buried.

But by the next morning, my front garden looked like this:

At least we know for sure that March has arrived like a lion.

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