Photos from the first orchid installation

Upon close inspection, there are a variety of orchids that make up the first structure.

Large floating bromeliads ('Vriesea odorata') in the reflecting pool.

A view through the palm trees at the first installation. 

When following the path through the conservatory, visitors are greeted by orchids
in various displays.

Educational signage is included throughout the conservatory to educate visitors on orchids. 

Orchids find their way into permanent collections. 

'Memoria Mary Nattrass' orchid. 

An example of the long orchid roots on display.

Rainbow orchids (vanda) hail from tropical rain forests ranging from India, Southeast Asia,
and Indonesia to the Philippines and New Guinea.

Rainbow orchids can be hard to grow at home because they require hot, steamy
conditions with plenty of light and water. 

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