Garden Update: Peonies, poppies stealing the show

Even though the show is brief, every inch of space that the poppies and peonies take in the garden is totally worth it. This week the oriental poppies and herbaceous peonies were dotting the front garden with their bright colors.

The majority of my peonies are near my driveway so I can see them when I leave for work each day. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, and I had many in my wedding bouquet. (So many years ago!)

I found Proven Winners Superbells 'Holy Moly!' calibrachoa at the garden center recently. I had grown this variety in the past with trial plants that Proven Winners had sent me, and I was happy to be able to grow it again this year.

In my front garden is the new (to me) bicycle that I set up with a basket full of flowers. I have seen this design used in other gardens that I have driven by and I always admired the basket of flowers dangling from the front handlebars. In it I planted my Supertunia Vista Bubblegum petunia sample that Proven Winners sent me in early May.

The 'Amethyst Falls' wisteria is looking graceful.

This baptista flower self-seeded along my driveway, where I used to grow a larger baptista but moved it. (Yes, it's possible to move them!) The color is interesting — I'll have to move this one as well before it gets too big for its spot.

Over in the Eco Garden System, the violas, peas and broccoli are growing well. 

I need to find a use for the many walking onions I have growing along the driveway as well.

It figures that this year I wanted to move all my raspberry plants away from the driveway and this is the year that they are covered in flowers. I guess they are staying — at least for now.

I've decided to rename this weekly update from Floral Friday to Garden Update. The reason is that it is always difficult to have all the photos I take during the week ready for publishing on Fridays. While the weekly timespan of what's blooming will still be correct, it provides a little wiggle room for publishing.

What's blooming and growing in your garden this week?


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