Floral Friday: Rose of Sharon

This Rose of Sharon was a stowaway plant. I never intended to buy it.

It hitchhiked its way into my garden by seed by way of another container plant I purchased. It started to grow alongside the other shrub in the container and luckily I recognized its leaves, realizing that it was not a weed. While it was still very small, I decided to transplant it to the back fence.

For a couple of years, it didn't do much at all and remained fairly small. It kept growing slowly (only getting late afternoon sun) and fairly straight. I pruned it this past spring and the year before, and it slowly started to appear fuller. When I told friends about my Rose of Sharon, they laughed at me. You kept it? They grow like weeds! (Apparently, not for me.)

This year it is the largest it has ever been. And then, this past week, it started to bloom with deep pink flowers. I can see it from my kitchen window, and I'm not the only one enjoying the pop of color: the hummingbird enjoys it, too.

Despite not knowing the variety (do Rose of Sharons even grow true to seed?) I'm glad I let this refugee plant have a home in my garden.

Have you had any plants take up residence in your garden that have won you over?


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