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Gifts for the Gardener

Need a gift for the gardener but not sure what to get him or her? Gardeners are not hard to shop for, even for the gardener who seems to have everything! Below are some of my top picks for holiday gifts this year. Need more inspiration? My friend Angie from The Freckled Rose has also compiled a list of her top holiday gift choices to choose from. Check out her 20 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Gardeners!

For the bookworm

There are so many great gardening books to give for gifts! Here are some of my recent favorites:

Starting & Saving Seeds: Grow the Perfect Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers for Your Garden by Julie Thompson-Adolf. List price $25.

Grow What You Love by Emily Murphy. List price $24.95.

The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly by Kylee Baumle. List price $18.95.

Niki Jabbour's Veggie Garden Remix: 224 New Plants to Shake Up Your Garden and Add Variety, Flavor, and Fun by Niki Jabbour. List price $19.95.

Homegrown Pantry by Barbara Pleasant. List price $22.95.

For the monarch aficionado

Image used with permission. 

Assorted milkweed seeds (Price varies) — Choose from a great variety of milkweed seeds to grow in your garden. Brad Grimm works on focusing on increasing the number and health of milkweed plants in northern Nevada and proceeds from purchases stay in the milkweed ecosystem. See the entire selection here.

Monarch Butterfly Charm Bracelet by Alex and Ani ($38)  — Available in a gold or silver finish, 20 percent of the retail price of this bracelet is donated to the Roger William Park Zoo in Rhode Island to provide science and environmental education programs to over 30,000 children from pre-school through high school. Learn more here.

The Monarch: Saving Our Most-Loved Butterfly by Kylee Baumle (as seen above in the bookworm section).

For the plant collector

'Labyrinth' dahlia ($10.50 each) —I purchased and grew this variety in my garden this past season, and it is so unique (seen above). Flowers are a "watercolor blend of apricot, soft pink and old rose". Learn more here. And don't forget — 2019 is the Year of the Dahlia, according to the National Garden Bureau.

Amaryllis 'Temptation' bulbs ($27.50 for three bulbs) — Flowers are white with raspberry to crimson splashes on its upper petals, variable crimson petal edges, a dark scarlet-red starburst and pink-to-white stamen. View them here.

For the gardener who has everything 

The Easy Sprout ($19.95) — No need to be intimidated by growing sprouts any longer! This is a fool-proof way to grow healthy sprouts. I was able to demo one from Park Seed* and it made the process so easy! (You can view the steps and seed progress through my Instagram Story.) Learn more here.

Sorry, If You Were a Plant I'd Remember Your Name Coffee Mug ($15.95) — A cheeky way to start your day. Learn more here.

My Plants Need Me Pin from Alum & Ink ($11) — Let people know what your priorities are. Learn more here.

Plant Mom Pin from Rhubarb Paper Co. ($10) — Wear this pin with pride. Learn more here.  (Plant Dad also available here.)

Plants Map tags and signs (Price varies.) — Order custom, interactive plant tags or signs that includes a QR code that directly connects your plants to a smartphone. This is a great way to keep track of plants that you are collecting, or just want to remember where it was that you planted that hellebore... Learn more here.
Image shared with permission.

Bug off spray from PureHaven
($10.95) — I'm always keeping an eye out for bug spray that deters mosquitoes, and this one made from peppermint, citronella and lemon grass has been working for me this past summer. When applied and rubbed into the skin, it helps keep mosquitoes away while I garden. For a long day outdoors, I apply it a second time a few hours later. You can order it here. Frau Zinnie readers can receive free shipping if you place the order directly with Corey by emailing her first at cstabach5[at]gmail.com.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest from Uncommon Goods ($50) — This item caught my eye, and while the trees will eventually need a larger container, it is still a unique gift for the patient gardener. Kit comes with redwood and moss seeds, growing medium, seedling training pots, bonsai shears, river stones, detailed directions, and a recycled US steel grow box. Learn more here.

Gardening by the Moon 2019 calendar ($15.95) — Each year I purchase one of these calendars, which gives advice for the best days to plant seeds and crops based on the lunar calendar. By coordinating your gardening efforts by the phase of the moon, you can help ensure that the seeds and plants are off to the best possible start. There are three versions of the calendar, so make sure you choose the correct one for your growing zone. Learn more here.

For the new gardener

Plants for Beginners, monthly subscription from The Sill ($35/month) — Start with an easy-to-care for plant. Learn more here. 

For those who like to give back

Adopt a Plant at the High Line (Price varies) —You or a recipient of your choice will receive a plant adoption kit that includes a certificate of adoption, postcard set of your adopted plant, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the High Line thrive. Learn more here.

For the gardener who needs more space

The Eco Garden System ($1695) —The Eco Garden System makes gardening in previously unuseable space a reality! I have mine in my driveway. It eliminates the need for bending, a plus for older gardeners, and has a self-watering option. Beneath the plants is a water reservoir and a (patented) air gap platform which helps the plants grow large, healthy roots. I've blogged about my Eco Garden System** several times, and now it plays a major role in my edible gardening plans. Frau Zinnie readers can get $125 off and free shipping by using the code zinnie 125. Learn more here.

*Park Seed provided me with a sample Easy Sprout to use. Opinions expressed are my own.

** Eco Garden Systems provided me with an original Eco Garden System for review purposes. Opinions expressed are my own.


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  2. Nice list, Jen! Thanks so much for the shout out on the Year of the Dahlia!

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