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Floral Friday: Witch hazel

Proof that spring is coming: Today the Hamamelis vernalis 'Purpurea' (witch hazel) started to bloom. This is the first time that I have had success in growing witch hazel, and seeing its bright flowers made me genuinely happy.

This is a new shrub that I added to my front garden this past fall. In order to see the flowers better, I did have to remove the leaves individually, since they were still holding on.

Don't you just love the ribbon-like, curled petals?

Even better, there must be a beekeeper in town, because there were some honeybees visiting it today as well. Imagine that — honeybees in February! (Granted, today was a warmer day in the 50s.)

Over time it can reach six feet tall, so it is possible it might outgrow its current spot. But I think I will need to purchase another one of these for the garden border.


  1. I have been seeing so many glorious witch hazel blooms online that I may have to get one for my garden!

    1. They are such a mood lifter in the middle of winter!

  2. Witch hazel are amazing! I have fall and winter blooming varieties. Glad you are getting some warmer winter days and warm enough for bees to appear to boot!


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