Floral Friday: Spring in the back garden

Each year the back garden puts on a better spring show. The hellebores have begun their blooming period, which should last through most of April. 

The snowdrops are still going strong and are complimented by the crocuses. Daffodils are growing, but not yet blooming. On warm afternoons, there are honeybees (presumably from a nearby hive) visiting the flowers.

The bright yellow feathers are showing on the male goldfinches. The mourning doves are courting. The robins have moved back. This weekend temperatures are going to be around 65 degrees F — which should jumpstart the season.

Here's what's blooming this week.

'Night Coaster' hellebore.

'Sunshine Selections' hellebore. 

'Red Lady' hellebore. 

Snowdrops and crocuses.


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