Floral Friday: Amaryllis 'Double Dragon'

Here's a beautiful "new to me" variety of amaryllis called 'Double Dragon'. I purchased and potted this bulb up in late November (click here to watch the video) and it took almost a month to break dormancy.

It was definitely worth the wait. This double-flowering variety features deep red flowers that have been in bloom for two weeks now. 

Once the bulb breaks dormancy, I place it in well lit area and turn the pot regularly if the stem starts to lean toward the light. (Using a heavy pot helps prevent the plant from toppling over.) I water when the soil gets dry. And that's it! I'm going to treat my plant to a little organic fertilizer to keep it happy.

Do you grow amaryllis bulbs indoors?


  1. We grow Amaryllis some years, but not this year. Wish we had. I like the white ones best.


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