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Reuse plastic salad boxes to grow greens 🥬

Rinse out and clean with dish soap your plastic container. Dry.

Using a small sharp knife, cut six slits in the bottom of the plastic container for drainage.

Put your moistened soil mix inside, scatter some lettuce seeds, and then top off with a very thin layer of soil and lightly press down. You can keep the lid on top (not tightly sealed) until the lettuce sprouts.

To use indoors: Place the box under grow lights or your sunniest windowsill. You can let them grow in here for ‘cut and come again greens’ or transplant out when it is a little warmer (lettuce doesn’t mind cool temperatures but will need to be hardened off before you put outside).

To use outdoors: Want to skip hardening off? You can put the plastic box outside in a sheltered spot to grow. Once it starts to sprout, open the lid during the day, close at night. When the plants are large enough, you can plant them into a larger container or a spot in your garden.


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