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Growing tomatoes in grow bags

An easy way to take advantage of sunny paved spots on your property is by growing edibles in fabric grow bags. 

I use a 25 gallon size bag to grow my indeterminate tomatoes. I use an organic potting soil to fill the bag (usually I need at least two bags of potting soil per bag).  To give the plant extra stability, I remove the lower leaves on the tomato stem and lay it lengthwise in the bag before planting. 

This small tomato plant is laid lengthwise in its grow bag. 
The lower leaves are removed before placing soil on top.

When adding the soil on top, I gently curve the top of the plant upwards and form a mound of soil around the plant (as seen below).

At this time, add an organic fertilizer (I'm using a 3-3-6 fertilizer) and your tomato cage as a final step. 

For more tips on growing edibles in paved areas, check out my post on growing edibles in driveways.

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