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What's growing: Sample plants from Burpee

I'm growing many edibles in my garden this season, including some plant samples from Burpee. Of the nine plants I received, two were cabbages and one was a tomato. 

This is the first year that I've grown cabbages in my garden, and my main concern has been keeping the cabbage whites away from the plants. This insect feeds on many plants in the Brassica family — including cabbage. I've covered both 'Sweet Thang’ Cabbage and ‘Sweet Slaw’ Cabbage with a floating row cover for protection since I planted both in containers. 

Both arrived as smaller plants ready for planting in May (above). 'Sweet Thang' is a non-heading cabbage that has white veins with dark green leaves. It maxes out in size at 16 inches high and 12 inches wide. 'Sweet Slaw' offers a cone-shaped head that makes it ideal for slicing and shredding, growing 12 inches tall and up to 18 inches wide.

They have been growing quickly, and should reach harvest size at the 65 day mark. Both plants are growing alongside bush beans and marigolds.

'Cabbage Sweet Thang' after approximately two weeks after adding to this container planting.

'Cabbage Sweet Slaw' approximately two weeks after adding to this container planting. 

Another sample plant Burpee sent is the ‘BOOST Tasti-Wee’ tomato. I am growing this plant in a fabric grow bag in my driveway with borage as a companion plant. This cherry tomato is reported to be crack resistant with 40 percent more lycopene than other tomatoes. (Lycopene is an antioxidant that also gives tomatoes their red color.)

This indeterminate variety is reported to reach up to 72 inches tall with a 75 days to harvest window.  We've had some wonky temperatures over the last two months, but now that the weather has consistently brought hot days, this tomato has really started to take off. 

'Boost Tasti-Wee' tomato from Burpee (two weeks after planting in the fabric grow bag).
Here's how the tomato is looking in early July. The hot June days really helped move this plant along.

Green tomatoes are beginning to show on the tomato plant. 

Burpee sent me the above sample plants to trial in my Zone 6b garden. Thoughts and reviews are my own. 

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