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What to grow now

Lettuce seeds can be sown every few weeks to ensure a continuous supply.

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Mid-August brings more opportunities to start vegetables before the growing season comes to a close. In my growing zone, I have about two months left before I need to worry about the first frost. (Check your average last frost date here.)

Salad greens

You can sow lettuce seeds now, including heat-resistant varieties. Sow them in a spot where they are protected by the hot afternoon sun. In two to three more weeks, sow another batch of seeds, to keep a steady supply coming.

It's also the perfect time to sow kale seeds. You can direct sow these seeds outside, or start them indoors under grow lights. If growing indoors, plant them out when you have two sets of true leaves. Don't forget to harden the plants off by increasing the sun exposure over a few days. The plant's flavor will also benefit from the early frost. Before that happens, cover the kale with a floating row cover to protect it from cabbage whites, which use this plant and other brassicas as host plants to lay eggs. Make sure all sides are tucked down.

Calendula in bloom. 


The basil and calendula seeds that I started earlier this month under grow lights indoors are ready to be transplanted into the ground or into larger growing containers. (If any of your annuals perished in the summer heat, you can replace them with these young seedlings.)

You can still direct sow basil and calendula outdoors, as well as dill (which I also direct sowed into existing veggie containers at the beginning of the month).

Basil seedlings in a container.

More cool-weather veggies

Want more variety? How about beet, carrot and pea seeds — all grow very quickly in the warm soil. Thin plants as they grow to give them enough room to grow.

You can wait til the end of the month to sow radish seeds, which will grow faster than beets and carrots.

For something different, try bok choy, which can be steamed or served in stir fry dishes. (Cover this with a floating row cover, too.)

Peas will grow in cool fall weather. 

More gardening tips

  • Continue to pick peppers, eggplants and tomatoes as they ripen, to encourage the plants to set more fruit.
  • Place your orders now for garlic bulbs. I usually plant my cloves in early October.



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