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Blooming now: Witch hazel and snowdrops


Each year I make the attempt to document what is growing and blooming in the garden, so I can piece together a chart for future reference at the end of the growing season. But similar to certain New Year's resolutions, I have not had luck completing this goal yet!

Will 2022 be the year? Guess I'd better try again to find out.

Week ending on Sunday, Feb. 13

Hints of spring are beginning to emerge in the garden. The ribbon-like flowers of the Hamamelis vernalis 'Purpurea' are beginning to open in the front garden. 

The snowdrops are also starting to bloom. The first of the name cultivars (in my collection) to bloom is "Potter's Prelude," which can bloom as early as late November, early December. That blossom is finished now, but the others are just beginning the show.

Each year I make an effort to plant more snowdrop bulbs, whether it is a bulk bag of Galanthus nivalis or a named variety if I am making a splurge. Below is an example of each, both in bloom now. 

Galanthus nivalis in bloom in early February. 

'Standing Tall' beginning to bloom.


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